4 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Right Corporate Party Venue!

Planning a corporate party has never been an easy task! There are hundreds of factors that the organizer has to keep in mind while planning a corporate event so as to be able to make the event enjoyable for everyone. While the organizer may be confronted by various decisions regarding the event-planning, the most important one is choosing a right venue!

Once you have decided the venue for your event, consider yourself halfway through with the planning process.While the other elements of a corporate party are highly important too, but your corporate party can be a huge disappointment for your team, if you offer your team with a poorly chosen party venue, even when the other elements are planned in order. The importance of choosing a right venue cannot be undermined, your party set up is the one thing which determines the success of your party.

If you are planning a corporate party for your team, here are some guidelines to make the venue-search easier for you!

1. Choose An Approachable Venue

SAKET 3 Pegs Down- Corporate Party Venues in Delhi

We cannot focus on this enough! When you go out searching for the right venue for your corporate party, choose a venue that is nestled in an approachable location for all your employees. It can be a struggle to find one location that is convenient for all the members of your team which is why choosing a venue that is located near to your corporate office is a wise choice. It easier for the team to reach the venue and the possibility of people failing to show up because of the distance factor also minimizes.

2. Focus On Accommodation Capacity

Warehouse Cafe- Corporate Party Venues in Gurgaon8

The size of your team is one factor that should heavily affect your venue choice for the corporate party. If you are organizing a team party, you should consider the capaciousness of the venue you are choosing. A venue with a small accommodation capacity can make your team feel congested and make them unable to enjoy the party, whereas a highly capacious venue for a smaller team can also be a poor choice making the guests unable to experience social intimacy within themselves. Various venues also offer budget-friendly packages for team parties given a pre-decided number of people are confirmed, before selecting your venue, ask the manager about the f&b minimum and avail packages accordingly.

3. Select A Party-Friendly Ambience

SAKET RockStar- Party Venues in Delhi

Different types of parties demand different venues in context of the ambience. The type of party you are planning to organize may or not be incorporated into the venue, which is why you should consider the venue’s ambience before selecting it for your corporate party. In case you are planning a themed party, check if the venue is suitable enough in terms of ambience for your theme. The age group of your team should also be taken into consideration before you select the venue since people belonging to different age groups have different preferences. Make sure that you select a party venue whose ambience complements the party purpose well.

4. Service and Amenities 

SAKET Excuse Me Boss- Party Venues in Delhi

Service and Amenities may seem an insignificant factor in any party, but the lack of good service and basic amenities can totally make your party a huge failure. Once you have discerned the type of venue you require based on the purpose of your event, go ahead to consider factors like availability of amenities like parking, live music, dedicated dance floor, lift and more. Think about the basic requirements of your team and based on the same, choose your party venue! Also, consider the various food and beverage packages in terms of cuisines available, the number of drinks available for the party, and see if the cost of the same falls under your budget. Ensure that the venue offers a steady service so that your guests do not have to keep waiting for the food in the party.

You do not have to be a professional event planner so as to throw a successful party. Instead, if you just prudently plan each element of your party instead of hassling during the organizing stage, your party is bound to be a sure-shot hit amongst your team!

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