This Holi, Slay Your Corporate-Party Attire With These 4 HR-Approved Tips For Indo-Westernizing Your Style

The vivacious festival of colors, Holi, is just around the corner and it’s that time of the year again when we make the most of out of our corporate party attire. As exuberant as the festival of Holi is, we cannot always incorporate the vivacity of this festival into our office attire, the key to slaying your office-party style is to add a dash of desi into your formals.

When it comes to the Holi-party attire, nobody would want to miss out the beauty and elegance of the traditional Indian attire. But for the contemporary women, the key to slaying your corporate Holi-party attire is by adding a whimsical Indian touch to your striking HR-approved western attire. By Indo-Westernizing your outfit, you can easily create a striking style statement without much of an effort.

We have listed the best tips for you to spice up your regular office attire with a touch of Indian this Holi-

1. Get Junk’d!

Tassle Earrings.jpg

Junk up your office attire by bejewelling multicolored junk jewelry. The inexpensive yet chic jewelry can transform your mundane office look into an offbeat and boho one without burning a hole in your pocket. Tussle junk jewelry is one adornment that complements every color attire and perfectly suits every skin tone, so you do not have to worry about the boho jewelry not suiting you. Not only the tassle junk jewelry indo-westernizes your outfit but also gives your look an edgy touch and makes you the cynosure of your party. Adorn a tassle earring or bracelet with your office attire to add an eye-catching bohemian touch to your outfit and slay the Holi look at your office!

2. Embroidered Tote Bags

Holi- Tote Bags

Picture Credits: Bone Inlay Interior Furniture Store

Retain the vibrant essence of this festival of colors by fusing your western look with the exuberant Indian Tote Bags with traditional Indian motifs embroidered on it. The eye-catching bags are detailed with embroidery and speak ounces of the Indian look. Merely by combining this magnificently embroidered bags with your regular office-look can completely Indianize your attire and make all the eyes turn in your direction. The beautiful ethnic bags do not cost a bomb and are available in countless colors and designs so you get to choose the one that complements your outfit the best!

3. Effervescent Scandals

Ta chica

The flamboyance of multi-colored ethnic scandals is impeccable. The vivacious ethnic Indian footwear is just the right choice for your Holi look. The scandals can be paired up with your regular office attire are enough to create a style statement at your workplace. Add a dash of desi to your style by wearing these multicolored traditional Indian footwear and you are set to walk into your workplace like you are walking on a red carpet!

4. Dhoti Pants 

Picture Credits: Wooplr

Create a dashing style statement on your office Holi-party by pairing Dhoti pants of a contrasting color with a regular work shirt. This way of Indo-westernizing your outfit is a perfect way to look every inch of a chic at your office this Holi. By pairing a dhoti pant with a contrasting shirt, not only will you add an edge to your look but also accentuate the elegance and vivacity of your look. The garment when fashioned with a contemporary item makes one’s look appear bohemian and helps them create a striking style statement. Slay your Holi-party by combining this ethnic wear with a short or long shirt that complements the color well.

Pairing up a bit of Indian with the contemporary western outfits can effortlessly elevate your style statement and make all the heads turn towards you. This Holi, let your style reflect the love for traditional Indian outfits on a casual day at work.

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