Planning A Holi Party? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Throwing One!

The lively and high-spirited festival of color, Holi, is just around the corner and we cannot wait to celebrate the auspicious and exuberant festival this Friday! While the festival is all about splashing colors, but every Holi celebration remains incomplete without your friends and family, some lip-smacking snacks and delicious drinks to gulp while you shake a leg on the Dhol beats. This season of festivity is best enjoyed with vivaciousness and exuberance alongside your dear-ones!

While the festivals are meant to be enjoyed, but planning a celebration for these festivities may be more often than not a struggle. If you are planning a Holi party for your friends, family, or team, there are various things you will have to considerably plan so as to organize a fun celebration for your guests. To reduce the hassle of celebrating the much-awaited festival of colors, we have listed all the guidelines you require to throw a successful Holi party-

1. Select An Open Venue That Can Handle Mess

Holi Party Ideas- Handle the mess

When you go out to choose a venue for your Holi party, you should carefully choose one that can handle all the mess once the party is over. Holi, being the festival of colors, can leave permanent stains on the venue floor, walls, and items, which can often create a fuss with the venue owner. To avoid the same, discuss with the venue owner if the venue can handle the mess that your Holi party can create beforehand. Also, avoid choosing an indoor celebration area, instead opt for a wide outdoor lawn that can easily accommodate your number of guests for your party.

2. Create A Vivaciously Pleasing Ambiance

Holi Party Ideas- Venue-

When everything about Holi is as vivacious it could be, having a dull ambiance can make your Holi party a major disappointment amongst your guests. Incorporate a whimsical set-up that sheer vivacious and exuberant to create an aura that is perfect for Holi celebrations. You can opt for a multicolored theme in the venue and decorate it with beautiful and colorful flowers that complement the theme well. When it comes to this festival of vivacity, you can never be verve enough. Choose the quirkiest and the most colorful ambiance you can go for!

3. Select A Holi-Playlist Or Choose Dhol


Any celebration remains incomplete without music and every traditional Indian festival is best enjoyed while dancing on the desi beats of Dhol or the groovy Bollywood songs. To make sure your desi-guests have a gala time at your Holi party, make sure that you have a DJ swaying your guests off their feet with his music. Create a playlist from Bollywood songs that are suitable for your Holi celebration. Bollywood has produced countless songs suitable for Holi that can make your guests enjoy your party. Also, arrange someone to play the Dhol for your guests to shake a leg at, in intervals between the Bollywood songs, increase the party vibes by offering your guests some Dhol beats to dance on!

4. Send Out An Exuberant Invite

Holi Party Ideas- Invites

Your invite is the one thing that gives your guests the first glimpse of your event. When you are set to celebrate a flamboyant festival like Holi, make sure the first element you send out to your guests reflects the vivacity of your event. Choosing a dull and colorless invitation card for your Holi celebration will send out an impression that your party will not be as effervescent as a Holi party is supposed to be. When you choose your Holi party’s invitation card, make sure that the design blends both vivaciousness and elegance perfectly.

5. Avoid Hard Chemical Colors

Holi Party Ideas- Venue- AMA Herbal

The key to enjoying the essence of this auspicious festival is to not harm each other with hard-chemical colors. While the festival of Holi is all about splashes of colors, the colors need not be harmful to your skin. Have your guests remain carefree about not having hard-chemical colors in your party and watch how their enthusiasm remains high-spirited. Instead of ‘pakke’ colors, choose to stock up organic colors that do not cause harm to your skin, you can also use colorful flower petals to keep up with the essence of Holi without exposing your skin to any potential harm from the colors.

6. Choose The Right Food And Drinks

Holi Party Ideas- Food

The most important part of any party remains the food and drinks you offer to your guests. Without the right selection of both, your party can fail to impress your guests and be a failure, which is why it is important to prudently choose the menu for your food and drinks in your Holi Party. When you are set out to organize a celebration for the traditional Indian festival, be sure to include all the food and drink items that are authentically served in that particular festival. For Holi, choose to offer your guests a wide range of sweets like Gujiya and authentic Indian local food along with drinks like Bhaang and Thandai to keep up with the Holi spirit and keep the party alive.

While planning a Holi party may be a hassle for the organizer, but going the extra mile while planning the celebration can ease out the later stages for you! To enjoy the beautiful essence of Holi, combine all the elements of this vivacious festival and offer a memorable and unique party experience to all your guests.

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