Slay Your Wedding Decor Game By Using These 4 Decoration Ideas In Your Mehendi Celebrations!

The magnificent Indian Weddings are all about the traditions and grandeur. The once-in-a-lifetime nuptial celebrations can be as extravagant and ethereal as possible. There are no limitations so as to how beautifully one can celebrate their wedding ceremonies in terms of decor and other elements. The one thing that however sets apart the entire wedding from others, is the way one decorates their wedding venue. There has been no dearth in terms of wedding decor ideas and trends, they keep getting better to up the Indian wedding game and make yours create a striking impression upon your guests.

The one wedding ceremony in which the couple can experiment with colors and quirkiness in endless manners is the Mehendi ceremony. The flamboyant wedding ceremony is a rather informal celebration and thus one can clearly make the most out of wedding decor trends in this particular celebrations. The latest Mehendi decor trends are vivacious hanging elements that combine both elegance and effervescence.

We have listed the top 6 such decor trends of 2018 that you will love for your own Mehendi ceremony-

1. Florally Decorated Bird Cages

MehendiDecor- Bird Cages

The latest decor trend of Indian weddings has been florally decorated bird cages. Decorate your Mehendi venue with hanging bird cages which are decorated gorgeously with vivacious exotic flowers to bring out the colorful essence of this ceremony and create an exquisitely aesthetic ambiance in your Mehendi venue. Choose flowers that complement the theme and ambiance of your Mehendi ceremony to further elevate the decor in your venue. Florally decorated bird cages are majestically whimsical and can transform your venue into a fairytale-like setup!

2. Indian-ised Dreamcatchers

MehendiDecor- DreamCatchers

We are all aware of how stunningly beautiful these dreamcatchers can be! The boho item can be Indian-ized and be beautifully used as a decor element in your Mehendi ceremony to create a magical dream-like setup in your wedding celebrations. Fill up your Mehendi venue with these splendidly gorgeous Desi Dreamcatchers made with Marigold flowers, use ghunghroo instead of beads, and tassels instead of feathers and create a beautiful backdrop of these decor elements in your wedding and make it stand out from the rest.

3. Backdrop of Kaleere

MehendiDecor- Kaleere- Happy Flashback Photography

When it comes to the traditional Indian weddings, we just cannot get enough of these gorgeous Kaleere-s! The bridal ornament has become the decor trend of this year. If you are one of the brides who want to retain the traditional essence in her modern-day Indian wedding, choose to have a beautiful backdrop of hanging kaleeres in your Mehendi celebration and witness your venue transform into a whimsical setup! Not only will your venue appear magical, but your wedding album will come out to one-of-a-kind beautiful to be cherished for the rest of your life!

4. Florally Decorated Lanterns

MehendiDecor- Lanterns

The latest Mehendi decor trend this year has been hanging lanterns. Lanterns have known to be a symbol of letting go, which makes this decor element have a significant meaning behind it apart from being majestically beautiful. Lit up your Mehendi venue with these gorgeous lanterns by lighting up a candle or diya within it, decorate this element with flowers that complement your ambiance and theme to create a beautiful effect of these lanterns in the venue and add a dash of elegance and mesmerizing beauty to your venue. Not only will these elements create a beautiful ambiance but will also have your photographs come out all sheer beautiful!

5. Photographs On Marigold Hangings

MehendiDecor- Photos - North Water Stars

The one flower that completely brings out the vibes of Mehendi celebrations is Marigold. Without Marigold floral decorations, every Mehendi ceremony feels a little incomplete. Not only does the flower fill up the venue with enthusiasm, but also brings out the right amount of colors to complement the essence of this celebration. Set up the ambiance of this wedding ceremony by hanging trails of Marigold flowers and further personalize your wedding by attaching pictures of the bride and groom to have this wedding speak ounces of your love and provide your guests with a unique and memorable experience at your Mehendi celebrations.

6. Tassels 

MehendiDecor- Tassles

For a wedding celebration as vivacious and enthusiastic as Mehendi, you should not settle for anything less colorful as these tassels for your wedding decor.  Decorating your Mehendi venue with hanging tassels fills up your venue with vivacity and who doesn’t quite like colors? The effervescence of this decor element successfully brings out the essence of Mehendi ceremony into the venue.

Your wedding decor is one of the most important elements of your wedding, once you have finalized your venue, it is the second step in your wedding planning. With a right decor incorporated into your venue, you can successfully make your wedding stand out from the rest and have your guests have a gala time at your celebrations.

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