How To Ensure Your Wedding Attire Is In Accordance With Your Wedding Decor? Check Out These 6 Tips!

We are sure you have imagined yourself walking down the aisle countless times before your wedding day and how everything must have been in the right order while you were at it. A picturesque backdrop, whimsically decorated ambiance, and you in a gorgeous wedding attire. The imagination however missed out the innumerable factors that must have gone behind in the making of this one scenario.

When you are hitched, there are myriads of things you have on your wedding-planning list to ensure everything remains just how imagined it to be, the ambiance, your wedding attire, decor, and what not! But, while you are it, do not forget to ensure that your wedding elements complement each other and enhance the overall aesthetics of your wedding ceremony. The two most important elements of a traditional Indian wedding which can completely make your wedding exquisitely aesthetical are the wedding decor and the couple’s attire.

To make sure your wedding attire complements your wedding decor, check out these 6 ultimate tips-

1. Keep Your Outfit In Contrast With The Decor

Wedding- Contrast

If you wish to create a striking impression on your big day, make sure that your wedding attire is in accordance with your wedding decor. Choose a bridal outfit that is in contrast to the decor theme of your wedding and witness how beautifully your attire gets highlighted on your wedding day. If you are choosing a bright and colorful wedding decor, go for a rather subtle bridal outfit color and if you wish to wear a bright and vivacious color like red, royal blue, or magenta, ensure that your bridal dress does not get played down by the wedding decor by keeping it in subtle hues that complement your attire. Also, keep in mind the heaviness of your bridal attire. If your wedding attire is full of embellishments, tone down the quirkiness of the wedding decor, and if your attire is subtle in terms of the same, enhance the vividity of your wedding decor to strike a balance.

2. Consider The Time Of Your Wedding

Wedding- Time

The time of your wedding ceremony is one of the most influencing factors in your wedding planning. There are both day-weddings and night-weddings based on different rituals. The outdoor day weddings offer a beautiful backdrop of natural lighting and its counterpart requires the venue to be lit with various lighting options. If you are planning to have a day-wedding, choose subtle hues of pastels for your bridal attire that complement the natural backdrop. In case you wish to have a night-wedding, selecting bright and striking colors like red, royal blue, golden, and more would complement the venue decor perfectly well.

3. Enhance Aesthetics Using Multicolors 

Wedding- Understated

If you are one of those brides who does not wish to confine her bridal attire with one color and desires the same to be filled with vivacity, ensure that your wedding decor is in accordance to one of the understated colors in your wedding attire to create an exquisite ambiance on your wedding day. Failing to give this a thought can curtail the beauty of both, your wedding attire and the decor. However, a wedding decor of subtle hues which are understated in your bridal attire will not only enhance your outfit but also make your wedding appear to have incorporated a gorgeous theme. This way you can impeccably enhance the aesthetics of your once-in-a-lifetime nuptial ceremony and create a visually pleasing ambiance.

4. Balance Vivacity Of Outfit And Decor

Weddings- Proportionate Both

We know how Indian weddings have always been about colors and vivacity and how no amount of colors can incorporate the effervescence of them. But it is important that you give a thought to what elements you wish to add vivacity in because having colors oozing out of every single element of your wedding including both wedding decor and bridal outfit will only make it visually displeasing. Balance the vivacity of your bridal attire and wedding decor by keeping only one of them vivid. A bright and vivacious bridal attire would beautifully complement subtle colors in wedding decor and vice versa. Not only will this impress your guests, but also have your wedding album come out to be exquisitely gorgeous! The key isn’t to tone down the colors, but to concentrate on the elements in which you can add them.

5. Focus On Your Wedding Theme

White Decor- Wedding Venues in Delhi2

The theme you wish to incorporate into your venue is another important factor that should influence the choice of your wedding attire. With all these wedding trends that keep emerging, there is no dearth of wedding themes and every millennial couple wishes to incorporate one into their wedding venue. When you are planning to have a themed wedding, make sure that your attire does not get curtailed by your wedding theme. For instance, if you have an all-white wedding theme, you can choose a flamboyant or intense color for your wedding attire to strike a balance and have both complement each other. In case your wedding decor is all about Marigold flowers, choose a rather subtle color attire like golden to have it highlighted beautifully.

6. Do Not Forget The Groom!

Wedding- Complement yours with the groom

We know how the Indian weddings have been completely bridal-centric, but doesn’t the groom deserve an equal amount of attentiveness? While you are all set to create a striking impression by complementing your bridal attire with the wedding decor, do not forget to have your groom do the same. When it comes to the groom’s attire, less has always been more and subtle has always meant classy. A mismatched wedding attire of both bride and the groom not being in accordance with the wedding decor can be a very displeasing sight, avoid the same by making sure groom’s wedding attire is in accordance with both, the bridal attire and the wedding decor.

It may not occur to the couple how massive of a difference can be created by balancing out both wedding attire and wedding decor, however, failure in doing so may not only curtail the beauty of both but also create an unpleasant ambiance on your wedding day. Balancing out these elements will not only make your guests have a unique and memorable visuals on your nuptial ceremony, but will also result in your wedding album coming out to be nothing short of a dream-like-affair!

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