Check Out These 5 Essential Things To Consider Before Selecting Your Kid’s First Birthday Party Venue!

Congratulations on making it through the first year of parenthood! We are sure it must have been one hell of a ride to witness your little baby growing up to the age of one. Your kid’s first birthday is one of the most momentous days of your parenthood and which is why you should make the most of that day by celebrating the milestone!

While you are all set to plan your kid’s first birthday party, start off with the one party element that sets the event apart from others- Venue! Choosing the right venue for your kid’s first birthday is crucial because the toddler, however, grown up to the age of one, still need to be taken care of. It is of utmost importance that you select a birthday party venue that combines both- A party-friendly atmosphere and safety measures for the little kid. Once your venue is selected, consider yourself halfway through with your party planning.

If you are planning your kid’s first birthday party, here are the top 5 questions you need to consider to be able to select the right party venue and celebrate the milestone of your parenthood hassle-free!

1. How to reach the venue?

First Birthday Party Venues in Noida- Gaba Corporate Suites

The location of the venue is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while you’re out there selecting the right venue for your kid’s birthday party. Take a closer look at your guest list and see where the guests are coming from. Choose a venue location that is in closest proximity possible to your guests. While it may not be feasible for you to put into consideration every single one of your guest’s location, but it would be a wise option to choose a venue location that isn’t quite too far for the majority of your guests. Choose a party venue that is approachable for your guests.

2. How many guests can it accommodate?


Before you go out for your kid’s birthday party venue searching, prepare a list of all the people you wish to invite to the celebrations. The number of guests heavily influences the choice of your venue. If the party you are planning is expected to be a full-fledged, it would be suggested that you choose a venue that has the capacity to accommodate that number of people, failing to consider this will only make your venue swarming with guests on the day of celebrations. However, if you are planning a rather intimate celebration, choose a venue that isn’t quite capacious to make your guests unable to experience social intimacy within themselves.

3. Does the venue offer catering service?

First Birthday Party Venues in Noida- Jungle Jamboree 2

Service of food and beverage is one deal-breaking factor in any event. Your entire party-planning falls apart in case the food is not delicious enough and the service isn’t steady. Which is why, if you are planning an outdoor first birthday party for your kid, you should consider the venue’s take on catering service before finalizing one. There are certain birthday party venues that offer in-house catering, if your choice of venue is one of them, ensure you have a food-tasting session before selecting the venue. Some venues also allow outside caterer for celebrations, if you have a pre-decided caterer for your kid’s birthday party, do not forget to confirm if the venue permits outside caterers or not before paying the booking amount.

4. Can your desired theme be incorporated into the venue?


Themed first birthday parties are a sure shot hit! One can easily organize a themed birthday party without many efforts these days. Before you begin with your venue-searching, ascertain a theme for the celebrations and when you visit the venue, ask the manager how that particular theme can be incorporated into the venue. Also, note that majority of the birthday party venues offer in-house decorators who can have your desired theme incorporated. It is important that you visualize the theme you want in the venue before you go on to select the right venue.

5. Can the seating layout be customized?

Belmond- Best Wedding Venues in South Delhi 2

Different venues have different seating layouts. Once you have ascertained the various factors like accommodation, budget, ambiance, and more, ask your venue manager about the various seating layouts they can offer for your event and which one of them would be the most suitable for your kid’s birthday party. This also depends on the size of the venue and the number of expected guests for your event. Check the floor space of your venue and see what kind of seating layout would appear perfect and confirm if that can be set up in your birthday party venue.

Throwing your little toddler a first birthday party may be a hassle but with the planning done right, the whole process can be relatively easier. Before you start looking for venues, sit back and think of how do you want your kid’s first birthday party to be, consider the various factors and then begin to choose the right venue for your celebrations!

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