Feel The Force- 6 Ways You Can Incorporate A Star Wars Theme In Your Kids Birthday Party!

Welcome to the Dark Side of the Force! We have the best party ideas here.

Whether you are 13 or 45, a Star Wars themed Birthday Party can never fail amuse you. If you are planning to throw a classic Star Wars themed Birthday Party for your kid, you do not have to travel to galaxies far far away to fetch for ideas. We have collected the best DIY Star Wars party ideas to awaken the Jedi in you! Here’s how you can throw the best Star Wars themed Birthday Party for your Jedi Kid-

1. Thematic Invitations

Star Wars- Birthday Party Themes (Invitation)

Once you begin to plan your theme based birthday party for your kid, start off with sending thematic invitations! Give your guests an idea about the theme with your party invitations. Choose a quirky Galaxy print invite design, or one similar to the opening crawl of every Star Wars movie! When you send out thematic invitations, you arouse a sense of enthusiasm within them.

2. Vader Pinata

Vader Pinata

A pinata is a drooping decor item of a figure that contains sweets and candies within it. Pinatas are broken open by blindfolded party members using a stick and that’s when the sweets come out! No kids birthday celebrations are complete without breaking open a Pinata and when you are planning a Star Wars themed Birthday Party, you got to have a Darth Vader pinata drooping from your birthday party venue. Give out little kids a lightsaber each and have them break-open Vader only to have sweets falling out. With such thematic activities, you can ensure that your guests are filled with enthusiasm throughout your celebrations!

3. Vader Hunt

Star Wars- Birthday Party Themes (Games)

For games and activites, hand out the kids with a brown coloured Jedi Robe and have an adult dress up as Lord Vader. Add a touch of Star Wars to the classic Scavenger Hunt game, where the little Jedis hunt for Darth Vader instead. Stick out little hints in the birthday party venue and witness the kids having a gala time with sticks designed to look as lightsabers. This is an ideal party game for your Star Wars themed birthday party if you have an outdoor venue accessible.

4. Intergalactic Photobooth


Princess Leia DIY Buns

A photobooth in a Birthday Party is one of the best ways to ensure that your guests experience a memorable time at your celebrations. When you are all set to celebrate a Star Wars themed Birthday Party for your kid, do not forget to have a dedicated space for theme based pictures. Add props like Darth Vader masks, Princess Leia’s bun, Jedi Robe, Lightsabers, and Yoda in your photobooth. Not only will the Star Wars fans love it, but will also take home some unique memories from your celebrations.

5. Death Star Decor 

Death Star

The most essential element of any thematic party remains the decor. When you are planning a Star Wars themed Birthday Party, do not miss a Death Star decor element in it. May it be drooping from the ceiling at food-table or above the centrepiece of your party, or next to the birthday cake. The presence of Death Star will perfectly complement the theme of your party. The DIY element will also create a striking impression in the ambience of your party.

6. A Galaxy-Inspired Birthday Cake

Star Wars- Birthday Party Themes (Cake Ideas)

The best cake option for your Star Wars themed Birthday Party remains one inspired by the Galaxy! Choose a multiple tiered black cake with the galactic hues of blue and silver. Top the same with character based poppers or candies or Lightsaber pretzels for the kids to choose from. You can also opt a Chewbecca Smash in your party to ensure that the cake-cutting ceremony remains the highlight of your kids birthday party!

7. Keep A ‘Dark Side’ For The Adults

Star Wars- Birthday Party Themes

While the kids are having the time of their lives, ensure that the adults aren’t rolling eyes out of boredom. Invite the adults to the ‘Dark Side of the Force’ where you can serve Cocktails to them. This way you can ensure that both the kids and the adults have an amazing time at your kids birthday party! Make sure your little Jedis aren’t influenced by the Dark Side.

“May the Planning-Force Be With You!”

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