#VenueOfTheWeek : India’s First-Of-A-Kind Children’s Play-Museum Nestled In Ambience Mall Gurgaon!

When it comes to celebrating your kids birthday party, we are sure you would want nothing but the best. For your tiny tots’ birthday celebrations, the best you can choose is an indoor play centre to not only offer a worthwhile time to the kids, but also make sure their safety is well supervised in the venue. With a little twist added to the classic play centres, we present to you this ideal kids birthday party venue in Gurgaon-

I Dig History, nestled in the Ambience Mall Gurgaon, is one such remarkably innovative play centre for kids birthday party that perfectly incorporates the right amount of entertainment for the kids while offering a unique and memorable learning-experience to them. With a unique concept, I Dig History, as the name suggests is a Museum themed play centre that not only entertains the kids, but also educates them through experience by various historic-themed hands-on-activities.

I Dig History- Kids Birthday Party Venues IN Delhi NCR2

Moving over from the regular gaming arcades, I Dig History is a spacious Museum themed venue with the ambience of the historic era perfectly set up in sculptures of significant figures and dinosaurs to bring out its thematic essence. I Dig History has an exceptionally creative ambience that helps to bring out a feeling of inquisitiveness amongst the children. With various elements in the venue that exhibits the historic era, I Dig History offers an enriching experience in the most fun-filled ways for the kids!

I Dig History- Kids Birthday Party Venues in Gurgaon

Beating the mundane history classes, I Dig History has an ingenious concept with its various history-themed recreational activities which are a combination of both fun and learning. With its array of amusing activities like VR Movies, Digging Activities, Time Machines, Craftistory, Roleplay Castles, and more! As said, experiencing is the best way to learning, it is a sure shot thing that apart from taking home amazing memories in abundance, the kids will also have myriads of historic-lessons to keep.

I Dig History- Kids Birthday Party Venues in NCR

In the motor activities like Digging, the children roleplay as archaeologists, palaeontologists, and astronauts using their methods and tools of working. Children have access to a variety of digs including- Dinosaur Dig, Egyptian Dig, Greek Dig, Astronaut’s Moon Dig. .Kids experience the thrill of discovery by digging and excavating replicas of actual historical treasures, fossils and moon rocks. To make the experience rewarding for kids, the children go back with one specially designed interesting small souvenir inspired by their dig.

I Dig History- Kids Birthday Party Venues

In activities like Virtual Reality, the children sit in the time machine to travel to different time periods and places through immersive virtual reality experiences of past ages gone by. A Craftistory activity for kids is also offered by I Dig History,  in which exciting sculptures specially designed for children including a variety of replicas of world art treasures to choose from. From a sculpture of the Egyptian King Tutankhamun to a knight’s castle – every child paints a piece of history. Children get 2 hours of sheer amusement and enjoyment at this venue.


However, the USP of this venue which raises the bar for every kids birthday party venue, is its man-sized Robot exclusively for the cake-cutting ceremony. Imagine a massive human-sized robot holding your baby’s birthday cake on a tray! Amusing, isn’t it? We’re sure your kid will have stories to rave about for the longest time about this Cake-Bot and the entire audience will hoot with utter enthusiasm!


I Dig History not only offers edutainment at its best, but the budget kids party venue is all about value-for-money. The venue offers all its activities, including Unlimited Digs, Unlimited VR, 1 Craftistory, and a dedicated Castle Play Area which is exclusively for the birthday packages, in just INR 550 per child, inclusive of all taxes! However, if you wish to offer your guests with meals during the birthday party, ranging from burgers to full-course luncheons, I Dig History lets you choose the caterer for your event from the wide range of all restaurants in the Ambience Mall, including McDonald’s and Prego Express at an additional starting cost of INR 200 per person. Based on their own preference and taste, parents can now choose the catering, right from the cuisine to the food items.


Be it a School- Outing for kids or a kids birthday party, you know just the right venue to not only make it enjoyable for the children, but also engage them into a worthwhile learning experience. I Dig History is the ultimate edutainment hub for the kids to gear up and explore during their playtime!

To book I Dig History for your School Outing or Kids Birthday Party, visit VenueMonk, Delhi NCR’s largest venue-booking portal, offering the widest range of kids party venues in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad.

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