Trending: Check Out 2018’s 3 Most Popular First Birthday Themes!

If your kid’s first birthday is just around the corner, you would know just how special these first birthday parties are and how they need to be perfectly entertaining for not only your guests but also for the kids! Let’s just accept how it is no easy task to keep a group of newbie kids amused throughout an event. The key, however, is to be creative when it comes to throwing a themed birthday party and providing the tiny-toddlers with something they haven’t seen before!

Moving over from the last year’s massively trending Moana themed birthday party and Unicorn themed birthday party for kids, 2018 has already brought to us one of the most amazing first birthday party themes! These 5 birthday party themes are already making a serious wave in the 2018 trends-

1. Woodland Themed Birthday Party

Woodland themed food table

Perfectly suitable for your kid’s first birthday party, Woodland Theme is ideal for both baby girls and boys! The theme cannot fail to amuse the kids with all its adorable animals and jungle look and feel.  A detailed themed fondant cake with animal-pinatas and animal shaped balloons for decor are all you need to slay your Woodland themed birthday party!

Woodland Themed Cake- 

Woodland themed cake

Woodland Themed Photo Props- 

Woodland themed photobooth

2. Emoji Themed Birthday Party

Emoji themed birthday party

Who doesn’t love the idea of an Emoji themed birthday party? The latest trend is all you need to have your kid’s first birthday party worth raving about for long! Whether girls or boys, kids or adults, the versatility of it is such that every single person in your party is going to enjoy this theme. The vibrancy of this theme will also fill the birthday party venue with utmost cheerfulness on your kids first birthday party.

Emoji Themed Birthday Cake- 

Emoji themed cake

Emoji Themed Photo-Props-

Emoji themed photobooth

3. Mermaid Themed Birthday Party

Mermaid themed birthday party

Being a gorgeous ‘turquoise’ coloured themed with an ‘underwater’ look and feel, this Mermaid themed first birthday party is beautifully tranquil for your tiny tot’s celebrations! The trending theme of 2018 is sure to create a striking impression on your guests while creating a wonderful ambience for the kids to have a gala time at. Bonus idea? Incorporate this theme into an outdoor birthday party venue in the broad daylight to have a soothing yet playful ambience.

Mermaid Themed Birthday Cake- 


Mermaid Themed Photo-Props- 

Mermaid themed photo prop

Throwing your tiny tot an unforgettable birthday party isn’t quite of a hassle as it appears, given you go the extra mile during the planning stage. Create an amusing ambience for all the kids in the party and watch how adorably cheerful all the toddler get! The happy-giggles and sparkle of their eyes will definitely be worth your effort and more!

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