Go Green: Check Out These 5 Eco-Friendly Return Gift Ideas For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Do you hand out pretty little barbies or plastic miniature versions of superheroes to the kids as a return gift on your baby’s birthday party? We know how much of a massive trend it has become to give return kids to these little youngsters, and let’s just accept that these plastic gifts only end up being stocked as junk.

Realising how important it is for our kids to go out and enjoy the birthdays of their friends and have an amazing time at theirs, what we fail to realise is- it is in such small moments like celebrating that we can well-mould the young and impressionable minds of kids into becoming considerate about the environment. The sponge-like minds of kids understand and put into action just what they witness while growing up. Thus, when you are all set to plan your kid’s birthday party, irrespective of how old they are to be- 2 or 10, move over from the hazardous plastic toys and unhealthy candies, choose to give these 5 Eco-Friendly return gifts instead and contribute towards making your kids conservative towards the environment-

1. Sprout Pencils 

Return Gift Ideas For Kids.jpg

The one way you can enhance the children’s learning while making them considerate about the environment is by giving them these Sprout Pencils. What sets these pencils apart from the regular ones is that once your kid is done using the pencil, they can plant the short stubs and witness it grow a beautiful plant. Perks? Your kid will totally be eager to use these pencils to study and instead of throwing the left part of it, he will himself grow a plant. Growing the plant will also make the kids patient and attentive to the environment.

2. Printed Bandanas/Capes

Return Gift Ideas For Kids Birthday Party

Let’s just accept how much kids nowadays are head over heels for the superhero stock. It is the one thing they will be sheerly proud to own and excited to show-off to their friends. If you are planning to gift them something similar to the superhero stock, why not go for the greener alternative? Use biodegradable cloths to prepare DIY capes or bandanas for the little ones using environmental-friendly ink. You can also personalize these capes to gift a memento of your kids birthday party.

3. DIY Ceramic Pottery

Return Gift Ideas For Kids 2

One of the most intriguing return gifts is DIY Ceramic Pots. Instead of having to ponder over how to keep the little kids involved in the birthday party, make them paint these eco-friendly pots based on their own imagination and once these pots have dried and the party is over, hand them out these DIY souvenir to the little kids out there. It is for sure that instead of stocking them up senselessly like plastic toys, the kids will grow a sapling in these. Not only is this idea eco-friendly, but will also keep the kids entertained and have them take home a memory of your kid’s birthday celebrations!

4. DIY Drawstring Bags

Return Gift Ideas For Kids 3

Kids love to stock things up, may it be stationary or toys. Why not hand them out something that will have them stock up the same, but in a rather clean and green manner? A drawstring bag or pouch is an ideal return gift idea, you can use your old clothes to make one at home, the best is you can also mix and match to create a contrast! Not only is this a budget-friendly item you can make at home at absolutely no cost, but also contributes towards our environment.

5. Flower Saplings

Return Gift Ideas For Kids Birthday Party2.jpg

Saving the best for the last, hand out the kids a sapling each as their return gifts. These can be either small plants, flowers, or herbs. The kids will love witnessing these grow up into plants. This will not only make them considerate towards greenery but will also create a sense of responsibility into these budding adults. All that you need to take care of is of the size of these samplings. It is to keep in mind that not everyone has a garden or an outdoor space at their home and most of the kids will only keep the sapling indoors, thus choose a plant that will not take a lot of space or grow up too big indoor.

As parents, your actions determine the personality of your kids. What your kids will witness while growing up will massively shape their impressionable minds. If you wish to raise your kid to become an environmental-conservative adult, the most effective way is to become one yourself and have them follow your steps.

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