Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Throwing A Budget-Friendly Party For Your Kid’s Birthday Celebrations!

Gone are the days when kids birthdays used to be a simple affair only meant for the parents to celebrate. Nowadays, anything and everything you do at your kid’s birthday can just be overtaken by another with all the ever-burgeoning trends and ideas for kids birthday celebrations. The concept of celebrating your little toddler growing up is definitely enjoyable- for both the birthday kid and the guests. However, with the entire party-planning process becoming a real struggle, the people who get left out with all the enjoyment are none other than the ones who deserve it the most- The parents!

With all the hullabaloo that begins right with the first ever thought of your celebrations- the entire party planning struggle, is certain to exhaust the parents, especially the ones who have had no prior experience of planning a celebration. But, with the right and well-informed decision-making during the planning stage, not only can the hassle tone down to negligible, but one can also very well enjoy the entire planning and the celebrations itself.

Here’s 4 things you need to follow to be able to throw the kids an amazing and enjoyable birthday party without burning a hole in your pocket-

1. Begin on Time to Save the Hassle


While right planning is definitely one of the most important things to do, what’s even more important is to begin it before-time. Let go of the delusion that you have ample amount of time to begin the planning- you don’t. Starting two weeks before the date of your kid’s birthday is not really a wise thing to do (coming out of my own experience). There are hundreds of minute details that need to be taken care of, and which is why it is suggested that one begins at least a month before the celebration date. Start with deciding your budget for the celebrations and making a guest-list, since it is your kids birthday celebrations, invite only the people who are close to your baby. To have an idea about the work that needs to be done, you can also make a to-do list to make sure the event goes off smoothly and you don’t forget anything.

2. Choose the Right Venue


Once you have decided that you want to celebrate your baby’s birthday, the immediate next step is to decide on a place that you want to celebrate it at! There is a wide variety of choices that are suitable for a kids birthday party, depending upon the type of event you want it to be. If you are planning to celebrate in an enjoyable way so that both the kids and adults enjoy, choose for an indoor play centre, a poolside venue, an outdoor play area, or a thematic kid-friendly venue. But if you wish to host a rather formal celebration, you can also choose a banquet hall or a lawn. Once your venue is booked, consider yourself halfway done with the process! Consider the number of guests you are wishing to invite. With a guest list prepared, your venue-options are narrowed down to the ones who can accommodate your number of guests.

3. Move onto the Details


Once your venue is booked and you can envision the event happening at the same set of place, the rest of the process becomes relatively easier. Now, you can move on to the other details of your celebrations, including decoration, food & services, and entertainment. There are certain venues who instead of just providing a space to celebrate, also cater to your other facilities including catering, decor, and entertainment. Going for a themed based celebration will keep all the guests, including both kids and adults, amused throughout the party! Colours can do wonders for these toddlers and you will most definitely see it in their eyes when they witness a themed decor in the party. Choose your baby’s favourite colour, or cartoon they like, any animal, and set it up in your venue to make sure your baby is the happiest on their birthday! Coming to the food, the best you can do for your kids is let them devour the finger food they absolutely love. Choosing an on-site caterer and decorator from the venue will further reduce your event-cost as most of them offer a package including it all at reasonable rates.

4. Keep the Tater Tots Entertained!


If you are all set to celebrate your baby’s birthday, you absolutely have to keep the little kids entertained throughout! Let the kids loosen up at the party- indulge them with some really amazing hands-on-activities and games. You can have them play a number of outdoor games and give the winner a DIY gift. You can also add a touch of personalization, in terms of the gifts and watch the kids’ enthusiasm soar high at the party! Instead of handing them out plastic toys and candies for return gifts, you can organize a DIY activity for them and let them take their own creatively made gift home as a souvenir of your baby’s birthday. This will not only save you from splurging, but will also most definitely makes the kids happier about taking home a memory instead of some plastic toy that will only be stocked up as junk.

You do not have to spend a grand to be able to throw a decent and enjoyable birthday party for your kid’s birthday, by just planning it correctly, you can save yourself from spending a bomb. With the right planning, you can make sure your baby experiences and amazing time on their birthday! The key to throwing a budget-friendly party has never been about not-spending, but spending wisely!

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