Check Out These 5 Amazingly-Creative Party Invites for your Kid’s Birthday Party!

We’re pretty sure how much of a big deal your kid’s birthday is and how everything needs to be just about perfect! So, with your little kid’s birthday being just around the corner, if you have started to brush on to the very details of your baby’s birthday party, do not forget the one birthday party element that itself invokes a feeling of enthusiasm that creates the buzz within your guests- the Invitation Card!

Let’s just accept how one cannot always keep up with these ever-emerging trends, but the one thing you can most definitely do for your kid’s birthday party invitation is to hearken the inner creative genius in you! Since your party invitation is the first ever thing you send out to your guests, it pretty much gives out an impression about the type of party you are to throw for your kid. As for an instance, a rather formal and dull invitation would mean a daunting and a boring party for the guests, leaving them uninterested in attending the same, but if you let out the creative genius in you and experiment with quirkiness to send out some really awesome invites, who would possibly want to miss out on a fun-filled evening reflected by the invite?

 So, to help pull on your party-planning pants and experiment the quirkiness of your mind to bring out some really impressive birthday party invites, we have gathered some of the best invitation ideas for your baby’s birthday party-

1. Say it with Confetti!

Confetti Invitation

Nothing screams out PARTY like confetti! So, if you are one of those mothers who are all up for a jaunty time for the kids, you know just the right way to begin the celebrations. Pop out the invitation along with confetti, we’re pretty sure while the mothers will hate it, the kids are absolutely going to love popping this one. Bonus? This bomb of an invitation wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket and you can easily make these at home! Just use some of the punch-junks of coloured origami sheets, along with the details of your celebrations attached through a ribbon. Buy a pack of party poppers and replace their coverings and confetti with yours. You can add a touch of personalization in each of the confetti in your DIY party poppers to make sure the kids invited remember this for the longest time possible!

Confetti Invitation 2

2. Little Treats for Tiny Tots!

Cookies Invitation 2

All mothers realise how all of these invitation cards, more often than not, end up being stocked as junk if not thrown away. So, while you are pretty much spending on these invitations, why not focus on something that doesn’t end up being thrown away while being equally cheering? Mothers suggest, send out the tiny tots a little treat, we’re sure they can’t resist these sweet delights! Not only will they definitely show up at the party, but will also enjoy the gulping down these delicacies. You can make these at home, and the best part is, these are highly customizable. You can choose it to be a cartoon character that is your child’s favourite, or literally send it out in cookie-alphabets! Whichever cookie shape you choose, the tots can’t definitely say no to these!

Cookies Invitation

3. Cootie Catchers- Get the Message!

Cootie Catcher Invitation Card

What do kids love possibly more than cootie catchers? Take this fun activity to another level by using the same for inviting them to your one amazing party! We’re sure the kids will nothing more than this. Cootie Catchers invitation will absolutely fall under your budget since they are all about DIYs! These invitations are not only budget-friendly but are the easiest DIY project you can take onto! You can totally experiment with colours and themes with this one, choose your kid’s favourite colour, cartoon character, animal, or just about anything to make these as quirky and personalized as possible.

Cootie Catcher Invitation Card 2

4. Inflate The Fun!

Boat Invitation 2

Balloons are quite the synonym to fun! Kids absolutely love playing with these sacks of air! These Balloon invitations are one of those trends we cannot seem to get enough of. Get the details of your kid’s birthday party including the date, venue, and time printed on the balloon. Send out the un-inflated balloons to your guests and watch them fill them with sheer enthusiasm to check out the details about your party. You can incorporate these ideas into various themes and props like a boat. Experiment with your creativity and make the guests experience one of the best times inflating the invitation balloons!

Boat Invitation

The invitation cards that you send out to your guests are pretty much the one thing determines the fun quotient of your celebrations, so when you send out the first ever celebration-related thing out to your guests, make sure it reflects that your party is going to one crazy affair which is not worth missing out on. After all, fun invitations mean fun parties!

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