Avoid Paying Last-Minute Hidden Costs On Your Wedding Using These 8 Venue-Booking Tips!

Congratulations on getting hitched!

For every couple who gets hitched, the first big step towards their wedding planning is to finalise upon a Wedding Venue. Once a venue is finalised for your wedding, the entire hoolaboo of wedding-planning tones down to a massive degree. As said, your wedding venue comprises 40% of the entire wedding-planning process. When you’re out there searching for the right venue to tie your knot at, there are hundreds of things you need to consider before finalising one. With over multiple venue-options ranging from an Indoor Banquet Hall to something as fun and quirky as a Poolside Wedding Venue for the Millennial bride-to-be, settling down to one venue out of many options can be a struggle.

However, once you have decided on a venue that not only incorporates your wedding dreams, but also doesn’t cost a bomb, do not make the mistake of paying the booking amount immediately! Ask your venue-manager about these 8 things before you book your wedding venue to make sure everything goes on in the right order-

1. Are outside services allowed in the venue?

Wedding Venues in Gurgaon

Apart from providing you with a space to host your pre-wedding functions and wedding ceremony, majority of the venues also provide you with an in-house caterer and decorator for your wedding, but not every venue allows outside services. If you wish to hire an outside caterer or decorator for your wedding day, ask your venue-manager if there’s any hidden cost for availing outside services.

2. Are more events to be organized on the same day?

Best Wedding Venues in NCR

If you are one of those couples who wish to have the entire venue to themselves on your wedding day, ask your venue-manager if more weddings are to be organized at the venue on the same day before booking the venue. It’s one of those things which doesn’t come to notice until it happens. If your venue has multiple celebration areas like both Banquet Hall and a Lawn, the chances of more than one wedding being held at your venue could be high!

3. Are Havan, Baraat, and overnight wedding allowed in the venue?

Wedding Banquet Halls in Faridabad

It may not appear to your, but quite a lot of wedding venues do not allow fire ceremonies to take place in the wedding venue and also prohibit Baraat and an overnight wedding ceremony. We know how important these can be, which is why you should clear the same before-hand to make sure there isn’t a scope for last-minute disappointments regarding the same.

4. What is the breakdown of your venue-booking cost?


Once your wedding has taken place, and it is time to pay the extra or hidden costs, it may not appear to you that you might have already paid for the same during the booking. For instance, you may forget about having paid for the little things like Corkage cost and more. To make sure you do not end up paying twice, for one thing, be sure to ask your venue-manager for to provide you with the breakdown of your entire venue-booking payment and mention the things it includes.

5. What does the decor charges include?

Top Wedding Lawns in Gurgaon

If you are planning to book a venue which provides you with an in-house caterer, be sure to ask your venue-manager about what all are included in the decor charges. When it comes to the decor of Indian weddings, one must clarify about what they require, if they can set up a theme, and have the venue list out the setups included in the decor cost. A stage set up, a mandap setup, seating arrangements, floral decor, aisle set up, lightings, and what not, ask your venue-manager about which amongst them all are included in the decor cost.

6. Is there a difference in the cost if you host your wedding on a weekday?


If your wedding is on a weekend, chances are that you are paying a higher amount of money for booking the venue than taken on weekdays. If you wish to slightly tweak the venue-booking cost, ask your venue-manager about the difference in the same if you reschedule your wedding on a weekday.

7. Is power back up free of cost?

Wedding Lawns in GurgaonImagine yourself walking down the aisle towards the man you love to tie the knot on your big-day, with as many as 500 guests having their eyes on you! What if the light goes off during YOUR MOMENT? What a bummer it could be! To avoid that scenario from taking place on your wedding day, ask your venue-manager if they provide a power backup and if that has additional costs or not.

8. Is there an early access charge?

Wedding Banquet Halls in Delhi

You might want to reach your wedding venue before the time of the celebration’s commencement to get ready, if that is the case, you got to ask your venue-manager before booking the venue if there are any charges for early accessing the venue, and if also if they provide you with one complimentary room to get ready for your wedding-day!

We know how great of a deal it can be to get hitched, and while you get swayed with all your wedding preparations, do not forget to miss out on the details or you might just end up paying a bomb for the same.

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