Check Out These 6 Fun Ideas for your Kid’s First Birthday Party!

There are a number of things that, as a parent, you to have to learn. From how to sterilize baby bottles to the art of changing a nappy, the list is pretty much endless! One thing that’s essential as your little one starts to grow is being able to throw a super fun birthday party.

When throwing the first birthday party for your child, you probably want to get everything absolutely perfect and make sure both the other children and the adults are having a good time. To help you out, we’ve put together six great ideas that you can take inspiration from-

1. Head to a Play Centre

Birthday Party Venues for Kids

Play centres are great venues for your little one’s birthday. Not only are they already full of great things for the kids to do, they also usually have plenty of areas for parents to sit back and relax, as well as great décor! If you’re worried about throwing a party, a play centre could be just for you, taking some of the pressure out of your hands. Check out more reasons why you should head to an indoor play centre in our previous blog!

 2. Photobooth

 Kids Party Ideas

A photo booth is a fun idea for adult guests and kids alike, as well as a great way to document your baby’s first birthday! Set up props and have a sign in the picture that says ‘[Baby’s name]’s First Birthday!’. Your guests will have a great time and you’ll get a ton of pictures to treasure forever.

3. A Magic Theme

 Kids Birthday Party Venues in Gurgaon.jpg

‘Magic’ is a great theme for a party because it’s unisex and you can do so much with it. From letting kids dress up as anything they think is magical, from wizards to fairies, to having unicorn cups and a magical, multi-coloured glitter cake; there’s just so much you can do! You can also have glittery cocktails for the adult guests.

4. DIY Gift Bags

 Return Gift Ideas For Kids 3

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on gift bags, this is an easy option that’ll go down a treat with the guests. Simply buy a load of plastic wrap or tissue paper, plenty of ribbon and a bunch of different sweets. Place some of the sweets in the middle of the plastic wrap or tissue paper and tie the wrap/paper up with ribbon, creating a little bag. Cute, simple and great for all ages!

5. Creative Cupcakes

 Birthday Party Venues in Delhi

Instead of giving out already decorated cupcakes, why not set up a table where kids (and adults!) can decorate their own? Have a selection of plain cupcakes, different colours of icing, sprinkles, silver balls and plenty of other decorations. It’ll keep them entertained and let them get creative!

6. The Perfect Gift

 Kids Birthday Party Venues

Give your baby a gift they’ll treasure forever by creating something all the guests can write a birthday message on. Whether it’s a big board or a notebook of messages, your friends and family can write something to your child that they can read when they’re older. And whether it’s a piece of advice or memories from your little one’s first year, this will be something so special for your child to have forever.

After a year of learning how to sterilise baby bottles, keeping your baby healthy whilst they grow and plenty of worrying no doubt, don’t forget to enjoy your baby’s party, too! It’s a memory you’ll want to have for the rest of your life, so don’t spend the whole time worrying about everyone else.

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