Trim Off The Extra Costs On Your Wedding Decor With These 6 Decorators-Suggested Tips!

“To Save Or To Splurge?”

Seeing all these flawless wedding setups, that are hands-down some really amazing Instagram-worthy ones, the one thing is for sure- while these pictures are most certainly redefining some major wedding goals for a lot of brides to be, not everyone has a budget as lavish enough to have a decor even remotely close to the ones as these. The one question that keeps crossing the couple’s mind is always the “Should we save or should we splurge?”

We know how this once in a lifetime wedding ceremony has to be absolutely awe-inspiring and perfect, but before you binge-spend all your budget on your wedding decor, take a moment to read these wedding-decorators approved ways of cutting off the extra costs without having to compromise on the decor on your wedding day-

1. Preach DIY Decor


The ever-burgeoning trends of Wedding Decor have quite literally been all about the things you never could imagine to be a part of weddings, from coloured bottles being centrepieces or hanging down the wedding venue beautifully adding a sense of flamboyance, to decor elements like Kaleere, Kites, Tassles, Paper Props and what not! Instead of the mainstream floral decor, choose such unique and quirky items as your wedding decor elements and save almost as much as 40% of your decor budget! You can also add a touch of personalization to your wedding through DIY Decor. Exotic flowers for wedding decor can cost a bomb, however, these DIY decor elements can be quite reasonable and their authenticity of not having been associated with weddings will reasonably add a highly quirky vibe to your wedding and make it a ceremony worth remembering for your guests!

2. Choose The Right Venue!


Your wedding venue can cost you up to 40% of your wedding budget. Which makes it one of the most important factors of your entire ceremony. When you are all set to begin your venue-searching, keep in mind the kind of decorations you want to set up on your wedding day and if the same can be done in the particular venue. The majority of wedding venues provide you with an on-site decorator for your wedding, and the cost of decorator itself is included in the venue-package. The alternative of hiring a panel of wedding decor team and paying separately for your venue can comparatively burn a hole in your pocket.

3. Choose Daytime for your Wedding!

Daylight Wedding

Imagine tying the knot under the beautiful turquoise sky with the natural backdrop illuminating your wedding venue! Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Apart from the various aesthetical reasons why you should choose a daytime for saying your vows to your significant other, the one practical reason is that the idea can trim down the 30% of your cost. We are all well aware how the lighting needs to perfect for your night-wedding, the setting up of Instagram-worthy lighting is sure to burn a hole in your pocket! Not only that, one also has to add a power backup to their list of wedding expenses to make sure the entire ceremony goes on without any hindrance. Spare yourself the costs of these and choose to get married in the daytime with a gorgeous backdrop instead!

4. Minimise the Need of Labour


Before you go on to decide your budget-friendly decor for your big-day, the one thing you need to take care of is that setting up your desired theme into the venue should require the minimum number of labour possible. More labours mean a hike in your decor cost. For an instance, if you choose heavy and huge decor elements for your wedding, you would require more people to transport the same to the venue and set it up. Thus, if you choose a decor theme which is conveniently accessible, you can reduce the amount of your wedding decor expense. It does not mean that you have to do all the work yourself, but all you need to do is choose the items carefully.

To bring into life your wedding dreams, it isn’t necessary that you spend a grand. However, what matters is how you spend it. With the right planning, you very well have your dream-decor set up into your wedding venue without it costing a bomb! You do not have to splurge or save, just spend wisely.

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