#VenueOfTheWeek- Experience the Best of London’s Pub-Culture here at Tippling Street, Rajouri!

Imagine yourself living your London-y dream! Sitting in a cosy pub with a group of friends or colleagues, getting tanked up with an awesome set of drinks with pop-music playing in the background that sets your feet tapping. Doesn’t it sound absolutely lovely?

Much to the discontentment of our livers, we did a little search for the best pubs in Delhi and found you this gem to make your London-y dream come true without having to fly across the globe. With its inspiration accredited to the 1920’s London street of the same name, Tipping Street, nestled in the party hub of Rajouri, is one place where you can experience the best of London’s pub-luxe right here in Delhi!


How to Reach Tipping Street?

This London-themed Pub isn’t hard to find! Tippling Street is located at a walking distance of 2-minutes from the Rajouri Garden Metro Station, on the Blue and Magenta Line of DMRC.

Tippling Street is sprawled across two floors, ie. the second and third, a catchy yellow-lit signage on the second floor is sure to catch your attention!

Pubs in Delhi

When it comes to its interiors, Tippling Street is a spectacular place to be in! The party venue teleports you to London as soon as you enter it with its crafted interiors. The second floor of this pub is one visual treat- the place is spacious and what stunned us is the Bar! An entire wall which is common to both the floors is decorated as a gallery of alcoholic drinks. Saying that Tippling Street has a fully functioning bar would be an understatement to what it has in store for you.


The floor maintains well cosy London-y vibes while retaining the millennial factor of fun in its ambience. Right from the framed pictures of London’s own Tippling Street to the quaint set up that provides a laid-back vibe, Tippling Street in its ambience is all things carved out the pub-culture of London! However, if you aren’t one to like indoor seating much, Tippling has a quintessential balcony seating area for fine dining events, for days when the weather-Gods bless the city!


Coming to the best part of this pub, even though Tippling is a London-themed gastropub, it serves some of the finest Indian cuisines to satiate the Desi in your guests! Tippling offers an amazing range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies from cuisines including Chinese, Continental, Italian, and North-Indian. You can be assured about this one thing- the Food served by Tippling is as much of a culinary delight as it is a visual one. With an elaborate menu to spoil your guests with choices, right from starters to desserts, the pub most definitely has something drool-worthy for each palate. For ones who are rather concerned about the quality and methods of cooking, worry not- this pub has a see-through Kitchen with glass windows for you to be assured of the same.


VenueMonk recently visited this Pub to attend Mister Tikku’s London Style Party here who delivered one enthralling experience to all. Amongst an elaborate menu, our favourites are-

1. Peri Peri Chicken Supreme

Who doesn’t love Peri Peri Chicken? We, for once, completely loved this item and could not seem to get enough of it. It was succulent and cooked with a perfect blend of flavours! When you are off partying here at Tipping Street, this Peri Peri Chicken Supreme is one thing you shouldn’t miss out on!

2. Soybean Chap Stick 

We relished every single bite of this one! Marinated with just the right blend of flavours, this one was not only scumptious but also grilled to perfection! While being marinated with the right amount of spices, Soybean chap stick had this amazing smoky aftertaste that had us running back for more!

3. Butter Chicken

Let’s just agree- no matter how much each of us would want to party in an impressive London-y atmosphere, when the drinks hit, you know nothing satisfies you as much as the traditional items like Butter Chicken! This one was a complete delight to our taste buds, and definitely something we’re coming back for.

4. Flourless Brownie

It is one of the finest feelings in the world for people with sweet tooth, when the brownie melts in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. This one was completely toothsome and had us finish our culinary experience in the best way possible!

While we cannot really deliver you with a boat-cruise across the Thames, but be assured that this pub is sure to have you experience a Mini-London experience here at Delhi! With a noteworthy ambience, extensive food menu with an Indian touch, innovative Cocktails to die for, and some of the best pop-songs to shake a leg on, you know just the right party venue to head out to for your next party! Be it a Birthday Party or a Corporate one, Tippling Street is sure to have you experience a memorable time here.

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