Here’s the Ultimate List of All the Licenses and Permissions You Need to Organize Your Wedding Functions!

Soon to tie the knot? We’re sure you must have visualized your day a thousand times over in your head. Haven’t you? But while you are all swayed away finding the perfect bridal attire, a wedding planner, and pinning your dream-wedding decor on Pinterest, do not forget that to walk down the aisle with your classic “Din Shagna Da” playing in the background, you need to get some legal licenses to not get into trouble!

Bummer, isn’t it? But worry not, we have the ultimate list of all Licenses and Permissions you need to organize your wedding the way you want to-

1. Phonographic Performance Limited License (PPL)

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Did you know that in order to have the ideal fun-filled Sangeet night you’ve always dreamt of, having all your relatives performing on your favourite songs, you need to be legally equipped to have the DJ play these songs. PPL License is what permits you to play pre-recorded music in your event, be it even in the background or for your DJ event. It does not matter if you have chosen a Banquet HallLawn, or even a Farmhouseif you wish to have music play in your wedding, you have to get this license!

Also, PPL License only permits you to play music that is not owned by YRF Music. So, if you are planning to make the bridal entry while dancing to the classic Kala Chashma song, here’s something really important for you- PPL License does not include YRF Music, there’s a separate license for YRF Music, called Novex.

How To Apply:

The applications for PPL are received at:

A-46, Ground Floor, Defence Colony,
New Delhi – 110 024.
Phone: 011 – 4051 8937 / 4132 9911

2. Indian Performing Right Society License (IPRS)


While PPL License is for playing pre-recorded music, there’s another one you will have to apply for in case you are planning to hire an artist to sing or perform un-recorded music in your wedding functions. For the couples who wish to have a live band at their wedding, this one’s for you! You have to apply for a permit from the Indian Performing Right Society and make sure the artists who are performing are registered with this society to avoid legal troubles. Any public performance of copyrighted music at your event has to be permitted beforehand- be it a musician, a vocalist, a band, or a lyricist.

How To Apply:

You can fill an online application to obtain IPRS for your event here.

3. Excise License

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Cocktail Party is the one wedding-function everyone looks forward to! Be it incorporated in a Pool-Party on your Mehendi, Sangeet, or even your Wedding Reception, if you are planning to serve alcohol in any of your wedding functions, do not forget to apply for the excise license! While most of the venues already have this permission, it is, however, the responsibility of the organizer to check the same before the wedding day.

How To Apply:

You can fill an online application to obtain Excise Licence for your event here.

4. Loudspeaker License

Wedding Banquet Halls in Delhi

This one is pretty simple- If your wedding features a DJ or any type of entertainment that requires to have speakers in your event premises, you have to take the Loudspeaker License! Even if it includes an MC who’s hosting the event on a mic, if your wedding function requires you to have speakers, you need to have the permit for it. Loudspeaker License can be obtained by a local police authority, who can often limit the number or size of your speakers in the function, or give you a time-limit so as to till when to use them.

How To Apply:

You can get the Loudspeaker Registration Form at your local police station.

5. Premises License 


A Premises License lets the venue carry out all the licensable activities in a large-scale event of over 500 guests, including serving alcohol, providing late night entertainment be it a DJ or Live Entertainment of any type, and even letting an event be hosted in that particular space between 11 pm to 5 am. Now, this isn’t much of a hassle for the organizer, you just have to keep in mind that the wedding venue you choose has been granted this license, at least before 2 months of the wedding date, given that one can only apply for a premises license at the max 28 days before the event.

How To Apply:

You can fill an online application to obtain Premises Licence for your event here.

6. Performance License 

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If you are a couple willing to organize larger-than-life wedding functions that include some exotic performances, be it theatrical or acrobatic, or any type of performance for your guests’ amusement, you have to get a performance license from the local authority. Also, this is a mandatory license if your wedding features any type of performance from a child (below 18 years). Now, this is important because unlike the other licences, it is the organizer who is likely to get penalized instead of the venue owner if the event is taking place without this permit.

How To Apply:

You can fill an online application to obtain Premises Licence for your event here.

Apart from the several licences, there are also a few mandatory permissions that one is required to get before the wedding day, including-

  • NOC from the Traffic Department
  • NOC from the Fire Brigade Department
  • NOC from the Electrical Inspector
  • NOC from the Health Department

While your wedding day is supposed to be all about glitz glam and ounces of love, be sure that the once-in-a-lifetime event doesn’t face any hindrances in legal terms. The best way you can ensure this is by verifying all the licenses of the venue beforehand.

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