136 Dishes @ Just 599! Absolute Barbecue in Gurgaon Gives Your Regular Barbecuing Experience an Awesome Edge!

When it comes to food, nothing says “Absolute Dining Fiesta” than Barbecue! Moving past the regular “dine-only” Barbecue Joints, VenueMonk has found you this exclusive restaurant in Gurgaon- Absolute Barbecue, where you can not only experience the best of Barbecue but also have a super-awesome time with your mates!


Now coming to the real question- What exactly is it that makes Absolute Barbecue a better restaurant than the myriads of other joints in Delhi NCR? 

For first, Absolute Barbecue is the only Restaurant in Delhi NCR, where you can have finger-licking BBQ food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and relish some really amazing alcoholic drinks as well. Not a lot many barbecue joints have a full-bar inside, but this one is the first! The best part about this venue? Despite having a bar that serves unlimited alcohol, the 160-seater venue perfectly maintains the decorum of a family restaurant. There are innumerable places in NCR where you can witness someone creating a ruckus while being sloshed out, but Absolute Barbecue most certainly isn’t one of them. The staff and the manager take well care of the same and have a strictly “No Spilling” rule here.


Coming to the food, IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! As soon as we entered Absolute Barbecue, we were welcomed by a smokey aroma of authentic barbecue which was well-enough to tantalize our taste buds.

Absolute Barbecue offered a lavish variety of items, right from Starters and Main Course to Desserts. The restaurant had as many as 136 food items in its buffet! With a Barbecue Menu for non-vegetarians that moved way past our regular Chicken and Fish, this Restaurant serves an ample variety of succulent meat options including Emu, Octopus, Duck, Squid, Shark, Rabbit, Quail, and what not cooked in a variety of sauces, depending upon your preference of spiciness! For a meat-lover, this All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant is an ultimate paradise!


Now, Barbecue might sound like a turn off for vegetarians, but this place took barbecuing to another level with its extensive variety of vegan options, beyond just cottage cheese! Apart from having as many as 21 vegetarian starters to offer, this place goes a little over the edge to make sure us vegetarians do not go disappointed. An elaborate vegan menu was served, apart from which Absolute Barbecue also had a Live Pasta Corner, a Chaat Corner, and a Snacks Corner, all for Vegetarians to devour. To end our culinary feast here at Absolute Barbecue, we had Fried Ice-Cream from the Live Dessert Corner where they had over 16 dessert items! Moreover, the staff was really attentive and our table was assigned 2 waiters to make sure the service was prompt.


Their buffet spread over no boundaries was another thing that struck a chord with us.  The Restaurant is one to take “Your Wish is My Command” way too seriously when it comes to the food. Despite having an overwhelming variety of food that had us spoilt for choices, Absolute Barbecue went way beyond their menu. One thing we realized on our visit here is that you can order anything and everything here, and the expert chefs will cook it for you in no time! Not even just the food, they even played our own choice of music while we were in the Restaurant.

In the mood to relish Chinese food while listening to some Pop Music? Worry not, all you need to do here is ask and the staff will take care of the rest.


Furthermore, if we haven’t convinced you enough, here’s one of the best reasons why we believe you should head out to this Absolutely Amazing Restaurant- A Live Wish-Grill Corner!


We can’t think of anything more amusing than having a hands-on experience at grilling! Absolute Barbecue is the first ever Barbecue Restaurant in Delhi NCR which lets you and your guests try a hand at grilling under the supervision and guidance of their chefs. The outlet featured a unique concept of Mongolian Grill where we grilled our type of exotic meat and veggies from the variety available. There were separate sections in the Wish-Grill for vegetarian and non-vegetarian grilling, and we chose the former. Absolute Barbecue took well care of the hygiene by providing us with an apron, a chef hat, and gloves for grilling. We could not compare the fun-factor of this restaurant to any other place, there are props for photographs that further made our experience memorable! The Wish-Grill was a really awesome thing for us to have experienced and we are sure it can perfectly make your event, be it a Birthday Party or a Corporate Event, an utter hit!


#VMSays – 

If you are one to relish BBQ food, this is indeed one of the best Barbecue restaurants in Delhi NCR! For starters, it is the Cheapest Barbecue in Gurgaon, the pricing for the Unlimited Buffet starts from just as much as INR 599 for Veg, and INR 649 for Non-Veg!

How To Reach Absolute Barbecue?

Absolute Barbecue is pretty easy to locate! It is nestled in the MGF Metropolis Mall, on MG Road, Gurgaon. Its nearest metro station is MG Road, on the Yellow Line of DMRC, and from there you can very conveniently reach Absolute Barbecue through a one minute’s walk. There are signboards which you can see right upon entering the mall that lead you here.

The exotic variety of food, guest-engagement, lip-smacking food, all that in a family-friendly atmosphere makes Absolute Barbecue a must visit for your events! To book Absolute Barbecue, visit VenueMonk– NCR’s Largest Venue-Booking Platform.

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