7 Stunning Venues for a Wedding that’s truly One-of-a-Kind

Looking for a super cool location to make your wedding day memorable? If the countryside
resorts, clubs, farms, gardens, and mansions are not your thing, then here are 7 unique
wedding venues to give your big day, a breathtakingly beautiful vibe!

1. A Grand Castle for an Extravagant Feel

If you’ve grown up dreaming of getting married like a prince or a princess, then a grand
castle makes for a perfect wedding venue. The panoramic setting of the castle and its
regal aura will combine to create a fabulous backdrop for your wedding ceremonies.
With several properties offering complete wedding packages, you can make your big day
as lavish as you want it to be!

2. A Royal Ballroom for an Unforgettable Imperial Vibe

If an actual castle sounds great but does not suit your wallet, you can still recreate the
same vibe on a budget by booking a royal ballroom that exudes a regal appeal! Grand
wedding halls with high ceilings and beautiful architectural details are an ideal wedding
venue. So, if you seek a wedding venue with a vintage vibe for your royal-inspired
wedding, then a royal ballroom is your best bet.

3. At a Theatre for an Artistic Allure

How about exchanging your marriage vows on the stage? If you are an art lover, then
you should actually get married or maybe host your reception here. The art deco
ambiance will make it much easier to create an entirely bespoke experience, lending
your wedding a majestic opulence.

4. An Aquarium for that Out-of-the-Box Appeal

A nautical setting with sea life swimming in the backdrop! Now this is a seriously cool
wedding idea, isn’t it? You can also arrange an elegant underwater photo shoot floating
with your bride. And, if you are lucky, aquatic creatures might photobomb your session!

5. At the Beach for a Beautiful Tropical Experience

A breathtaking blue ocean with a sandy shore, a gazebo, Victorian-era sternwheeler
boats in the background and blue skies above come together to create an awe-inspiring
view. Not only will you get great pictures but also give your guests memories to cherish
for life! Whether you want your wedding venue to be simple and peaceful or grand and
fun, an exotic beach is always a great wedding venue.

6. An Amusement Park for a Fairytale Feel

Want a fairytale wedding? Whether you’ve always fancied getting married on a pirate
ship or on a roller coaster or on a horse-drawn carriage, theme parks will cater to all
your whims and fancies. Busch Gardens or Disneyland should definitely be on your list of
wedding ideas if you are someone who can’t get enough of carousels and candy floss or
treasure chests and ships.

7. At a Converted Structure for a Quintessential Charm

If you’ve set your heart and mind on hosting a wedding that is nothing short of
spectacular, then what do you think of a converted structure? Warehouses and
monasteries or even airplane hangars can be beautifully transformed into
unconventional wedding venues with flowers, hanging lights, and creative décor ideas.
Due to their uniqueness, converted structures are now being rented by many events
management companies and wedding planning agencies. Whether you want to create a
captivating contrast for your pre-wedding photo shoot or host an exclusive reception, a
the converted structure offers a little less historic and yet, a traditional space to suit your

And that sums up our list of unique wedding venues but if you are willing to explore,
then your possibilities are endless.


Author Bio:

Rishi Kamra works with Grand Mercure Vadodara Surya Palace. He has over a decade of
experience in the hospitality and event management industry which allows him to create
value-driven content for his readers. Travelling and photography are his two passions and in
his free time, he enjoys working with the youth of his city by volunteering his time and
mentoring young adults.

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