7 Questions You Must Ask Before Booking a Wedding Venue

The excitement is high because you have finally set the wedding date. But the real work has
just begun. If you have taken a wedding loan and are confused about where to start with
the wedding planning, read on…

Let’s start by looking at how to book the perfect venue and the important wedding venue
questions you must ask.

1. Is the Venue Available?

First and foremost, check if the venue is available on your wedding date.
Some venues stay closed during the winters or monsoons, so you need to confirm the
availability. Some venues will be busy during the holidays and they might be booked full.

2. What Are the Prices of the Different Banquet Halls?

Many venues have multiple banquet halls within their premises. Check prices of each of

Ask how far in advance and how much advance you need to pay. Consider financing your wedding with a personal loan if you are short on money.

Check if there are different rates for different times of the weeks or times of the day. For
example, some venues charge more for weekends or night weddings. Seasonal prices may
also exist, so check about that too.

3. Are there any Decoration Guidelines?

Ask if there are any guidelines for decorations. Some venues don’t allow the use of candles
or confetti, while others may restrict flash photography.

Align your arrangements with their limitations and you won’t be in for unpleasant surprises
on the big day.

4. Do you have a Vendor Team?

Ask if the venue has any wedding packages such as a vendor team of their own.
If they don’t, ask for vendors recommendations. It is good to work with vendors who are
familiar with the venue.

5. Do You Have In-House Catering?

Check if the venue has an in-house catering service available. If you are interested in
bringing an outside caterer, ask if you are permitted to do so.

Request for sample menus and schedule a food tasting before finalizing the menu for your
budget wedding.

6. Can You Serve Drinks?

Ask the venue if they are licensed to provide alcohol. Inquire if you can bring your own
liquor too.

Compare the corkage fee of the venue vs buying your own alcohol before booking a
wedding venue.

7. What Logistics Do you Offer?

Some of the logistics you need to check at the venue include:
– The noise restrictions
– Accessibility of the venue for the handicap
– The number of bathrooms available. You may need to consider renting portable
restrooms if there aren’t enough at the venue.
– If the parking is available on-site or will the guests be charged for parking
– Accommodation offered by the venue
– A place to safely store the wedding gifts
– If the venue has any facilities to entertain kids
– Security and safety measures in place
– How late can the wedding and reception go on if it is an evening wedding
– A back-up plan in case it rains on the wedding day

Once you get satisfactory answers to these questions, choosing a wedding venue will be
much easier and stress-free.

Or, just visit VenueMonk and let our venue expert answer all your questions instantly and find you the perfect wedding venue in no time!

2 thoughts on “7 Questions You Must Ask Before Booking a Wedding Venue

  1. Thank you for posting this helpful blog. I browsed through a few of them and was really impressed by the content. A lot of helpful tips and suggestions can be gained from this blog. Looking forward to reading your next post.


  2. Thank you posting this helpful blog. I browsed through a few of them and was really impressed by the content. A lot of helpful tips and suggestions can be gained from these blogs. Looking forward to read your next post.


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