CAD Tech Bar And Cafe- Where Tech Meets Quirky

Are you in the same clan who doesn’t know where to lose their bodies and dance to every beat next? We all love to party and get lost in the vibe of stunning electric energy different parties have to offer. But, when it comes to your own party where would you want it to be? Gurgaon has some exotic never-ending choices to host a fantastic bash. Amidst these crowded lanes is an exciting choice that will leave you stunned. CAD Tech Bar and Cafe as the name suggest is a technology-themed bar and has some unlimited surprises laid for you. Located in Sector 15 Part 2, Gurgaon, this definitely is a good choice.

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The ambiance here is worth all the praises. It’s quirky, welcoming, and super relaxed. The environment here is done up in shades of black and brown adding the perfect oomph to this place. The seating here is very comfy done up in spacious seating compartments. The place also has also a fantastic outdoor space which can be a good option for you to organize your party under the blue sky or the kissing stars. It is supposed to be India’s first tech-inspired bar that lets you order food and drinks via a touchscreen console fitted in the table. It is one of the best places to party in Gurgaon.

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This technical bar is an astounding restaurant that serves modern Indian gastronomy. They serve delicacies prepared by most talented chefs. The amazing menu ranges from North Indian, Modern Indian, Continental and Italian. The staff at this restaurant is very well trained to assist all the guests in the most astounding manner. This place is known to host some of the fantastic parties and with their fine arrangements who wouldn’t want to celebrate their big day here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to this tech space and get lost eating some amazing food which this super amazing place has to offer you. We @VeuneMonk have all the exciting options of Pubs and Bars in Gurgaon waiting for you and leave us with your queries and help us serve you in the best possible manner. Party loudly and not smartly.

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