Which are the best corporate party venues in Noida?

Hosting a party can be a tedious task and can become time-consuming. Time to thank your lucky stars, we have a list of hand-picked locations from an ocean of options. Hope we can help you choose a better venue before you lock-down to one. So here are the Top corporate venues in Noida.

Titos, Sector-38.

Titos rests on the top floor of Gardens Galleria Mall, Noida. Located at a 3km distance from the nearest metro station, Sector – 18 Noida. The drive from the metro station takes 3 minutes, you have a wide range of commuting options to choose from. Garden Galleria is one of the premium malls in Noida,the ambiance is opulent for any event making it one of the best corporate party venues in Noida.

Titos can serve to a max audience of 700. The decor is well balanced and carries out an unmatched party vibe. The ceiling lighting perfectly complements the decor, further up-lifting the party vibes.

Titos serves Chinese, continental, Indian and European Cuisine in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Each dish tastes great and will have you revisiting for sure. The drinks served are also well-rehearsed to taste the same each time and go well with any of the sides on the menu card.

Amenities include parking, live music, outdoor space, smoking area, microbrewery, and a dedicated dance floor.

Packages starting from 1200/person.

Reverb disc, Sector-38.

Reverb disc is located at the heart of Noida’s sector- 18, in the yesteryear shopping legend The Great Indian Place one of the most prominant malls in Noida.

Reverb is known for its great-tasting beverages and the quality of service. The dim tinted lighting helps lighten the mood and gets you into the party vibe. The cherry on the topping is the dedicated dance floor, which pulls you like gravity. The multi-cuisine kitchen serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, make you drool every time you see a dish pass by.

The Reverb is spacious enough to accommodate a gathering of 350, making a great venue for any occasion.

Amenities include parking, live music, dance floor, and a microbrewery.

Prices starting from 1200/person.

Moire Lounge, Gardens Galleria

Moire Lounge located yet another amazing party-venue located in the Gardens Galleria Mall, at a 3km radius from the sector-18 metro station. Commuting comes with a multitude of options spread across a wide price range.

Moire Lounge is a perfect party spot, all credit to the well-designed interiors, the carefully seared platters, and the soul pleasing cocktails. The venue boasts of a brilliant kitchen that serves North Indian and fusion cuisines.

The Moire can make room for a gathering of 200 with ease and promises to keep the party alive until the end.

Amenities include parking, live sports screening, live music, and a dedicated dance floor.

Packages starting from 750/person.

Time Machine, Sector 38

Ever wanted to be a time traveler? Here’s your chance.

The Time machine located at a distance of 5 km from the sector-18 metro station on the Blue-line od DMRC on the top floor of Gardens Galleria Mall.

If you are someone who loves a rustic look, then you’re going find yourselves all over the place. The vibe is carried all throughout the whole venue, which can accommodate up to 300 people. It offers a variety of seating options including chairs, a private dining room and sofas you’d love to sink into. The balcony offers a great spot for you to watch the gorgeous view while sipping on your favorite drink.

Time Machine offers a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies in a wide range of equally amazing cuisines. The full bar makes sure the party never runs dry, ever.

Amenities include parking, live music, outdoor space, smoking area, and a dedicated dance floor.

Packages starting from 1700/person.

Grab your phone and make your reservations. I hope we could help you choose your perfect venue. Have a great time. We @venuemonk take our fair share of satisfaction by doing our research and helping you save the time and effort while looking for a venue for your event.

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