Best Places for Christmas Celebration in Bangalore

With the festive season kicking in, the party animal inside also sees a new light. Christmas is the perfect party season the weather and the mood uplifting decorations everywhere just scream out its party time.

Finding a perfect party spot to spend your Christmas is really important so we have done some filtering and listed our favorite venues, where we’d personally love to spend our Christmas. Hope this list helps you pick your favorite. Without further adieu, here are the best places to celebrate Christmas in Bangalore.

The Fixx,Koramangala

The Fixx is a brand new addition to the Kormangala party scene and is also one of the most promising venues of them, all, the management is really creative and mages to find new surprising ways to impress you each time you visit the venue. Making you want to plan your revisit even before you left the venue. 

The ambiance is really well designed all credit to the amazing lighting balance that just lights up the place like a festival and makes sure you never lose your party vibe. Located at a 6km distance from Indiranagar gives you a multitude of commuting options in every budget window. 

The food and the beverage perfectly complement each other and will leave you fighting for the crumbs. The Fixx offers a huge dance floor and the music also pumps up the party vibes and takes the party to a whole new high.

The Fixx can make arrangements for about 300 people with ease making it a perfect venue for Christmas Events & Parties in Bangalore.

Myu Bar at Gilly’s Redefined, Koramangala

Myu Bar @Gilly’s Refined is the flagship venue of the 14 other venues the franchise owns, which should already give you a hint of how great your parties would be. Myu Bar is spread across 3 floors, each carrying a different theme, a different vibe. Giving you a choice to choose the vibe you want yourself to be in. the venue offers separate spaces for seating, dancing, and an above the class terrace. The terrace is the most special spot to find yourself if you’re someone who loves a natural vibe. MYU proudly carries amazing reviews about their lip-smacking food and soul pleasing pocket-friendly pricing. Which makes it one of our top recommendations and our personal favorite.

The venue can cater to a gathering of 300 extremely satisfied guests at your Christmas eve celebrations in Bangalore

Gravity Bar and Grill, Nagawara

Gravity bar is yet another favorite, the outdoors options available at the venue are worth a check. We have personally fallen in love with their terrace pool party arrangement. You should consider visiting the location to fall in love, yourself. The blue-white themed venue has invested quite a lot in the interior designing and can be felt from the moment you set foot. The outdoor seating is a whole different experience and is something you shouldn’t miss for the world. The food served is really tasty and the drinks are well-rehearsed to perfection. The time to be at the venue is at the night, by the pool sipping on your favorite poison while staring into the abyss from the rooftop. The experience is the one of the bests among the best pubs and bars in Bangalore.

Gravity can make room for 300 attendees and will make sure each one of them plans to revisit.

Its Christmas, we thought we might leave you something special

Jade 735, Anwar layout

Jade 375 is the flagship property of the 14 property owning franchise.They take extreme pride in the 375, and claim it to be their best property on offer. The catch is that, the venue can accommodate only an audience of 22. but is the best venue you can find for a secluded party in Bangalore period.

The 375 is the most luxurious option on the table and is famous as a photoshoot location. the poolside party experience is incomparable and will make sure you leave with ton of memories.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and make your reservations. Have a great time. Hope we could help you choose the perfect venue. We @VenueMonk take our share of satisfaction by helping you save the effort of looking for a venue for your event.

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