Best Place to Celebrate New Year Eve in Ghaziabad

A new year is a great occasion to bring all your loved ones together, to celebrate the start of a new decade. The most awaited day of the year worldwide, the day when the whole world is lit is an absolute spectacle to watch. The decorations, the joy, and cheer, make the occasion worth celebrating.

It is very important to find the perfect venue for your celebration, to make sure the fun is uninterrupted and glitch-free. We have done some homework and listed a few of our favorites below, keeping in mind the experience, the food, and budget in mind.

Here are the Best places to celebrate New Year’s eve in Ghaziabad.

Liquor House

Liquor House, as the name suggests is a perfect venue to loose yourself in an astounding atmosphere to get all boozy on New years. This fantastic venue has some extraordinary liquor choices that you can choose form. Open brick walls, wooden decor, lamp posts, ceiling lamps and a disco ball adds to the beauty of this place. They offer a bunch of Chinese, North Indian and Tandoori dishes along with a regular bar menu. This should definitely be on your list for one of the best New Year Parties in Ghaziabad 2020.

The Flying Dutchman

The quirky restaurant with its exciting ship-themed decor has everyone’s heart. The decor is all wooden with huge chandeliers and pirate-inspired wall motifs and other decor elements create an excellent vibe at the place. There is also a nice and chic outdoor seating area. The seating arrangement is spacious and comfortable with wooden chairs. This is one of the best Pubs and Bars in Ghaziabad. Coming to food, the multi-cuisine restaurant is known for serving excellent Chinese, North Indian and European food. All you want for New Years is this!

Little After Dark

This one is definitely worth it with its classy decor and ambiance, with music in the background which will enrapture one completely. They offer a fantastic choice of food which will satisfy your taste-buds and soul with satisfaction. The venue offers multiple cuisines, which range from Chinese to Continental to North Indian. They also offer amazing outdoor seating for one to relax and enjoy under the sky. The decor is eye boggling and will definitely make your party a memorable event.

The year is ending and you all want to end it with a loud bang. So go now and find a right venue @VenueMonk for hosting some of your exciting parties. Welcome the New Year with some dancing and singing, party like never before because 2019 won’t ever come back.

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