The Most Romantic Places In Delhi For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day around the corner and all you want is a perfect date with your lover. Too many options and don’t know which one to hit, don’t worry we absolutely understand your desires and we have listed below some of the exciting venues which are extremely romantic and lovely for a perfect date in the city of Delhi.

Lodhi- The Garden Restaurant

Amongst one of the favorites, this lush green garden restaurant is definitely the place for a unique and a perfect Valentine’s Day in Delhi. Under the beautiful sky, and amidst the great ambiance, this place is all one can ask for the most romantic date in the city. It is a living dream with perfect lighting and soft music. You are definitely going to fall in love over again.

Kylin Skybar

Often counted as one of the finest in Delhi, this restaurant offers a ravishing skill. Its dashing interior design surrounded with grass , trees and adorable Asian menu adds on to the whole mood. This place definitely worth all your time, it will leave you surprised. The surreal ambiance and utmost privacy ensure that you have all the time and space you want with your partner. This is definitely one of the best party places in Delhi.


Located in the shade of the iconic Qutub Minar, Cherie is one of the most unique and preferred restaurants in Delhi for an unimaginable experience. If you’re looking for a place that has an old world charm and serves you luxury with beautiful ambiance, then your search should end here. It is also very well known for the European, Italian, and Continental meals prepared here which make it the perfect heaven.

Kiyan, the Roseate

Kiyan at The Roseate , Located on NH8 is the best place for Valentine’s Day in Delhi if your buddy likes imagination over everything else. From its lavish ambiance to heartwarming experience this place is all you want if and your partner are all about being fancy. This is definitely all a girl can expect from a perfect date. It serves some exceptional range of food that you cannot stop loving!

Music & Mountains – Hillside Cafe

Pleasant , comfortable and romantic atmosphere, isn’t that all you want for a perfect valentine’s day celebration?  This cafe takes you base to rich wooden sign of mountains, with a perfect candle light dinner and the music which will warm your heart, from all the perfect old school tracks to set your mood right, this place knows it all.

Choices are endless it is up to you how you see yourself celebrating this wonderful day. It can e either a romantic date or a groovy night with a little booze at some f the best pubs and bars in Delhi.

We @VenueMonk understand your needs and your desires. We believe in helping you find the best so that you cherish your big days. Listed above are some of the best choices that we think will make your Valentine’s Day Worth it. So go and find your perfect spot and celebrate the love.

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