Best Places to celebrate Holi 2020 in Delhi

Holi, the words brings excitement to our faces. It is one festival which is full of colors, excitement, food, laughs, music, dancing and making thousand such memories. We all wait for an entire year for the festival to hit again. A Holi celebration is incomplete without a smashing party. To have a smashing party all you need is a perfect Holi Party places in Delhi. There are going to be thousands of crazy parties in the city which will be a total delight.

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is one of the most preferred party places in the Holi season. They arrange one of the amazing parties in Delhi. Along with some crazy music electronic stage, it has all that one can ask for a fantastic Holi Celebration, from smoke guns, unlimited colors, rain dance, delicious food, water guns, to electronic fireworks. It is a must visit and you should definitely not miss out on this one.

Holi Moo Festival

A festival that is big and has earned fame over years. It now takes place on an international scale; Holi Moo Festival has become a popular event amongst the city dwellers. It is amazing festival which not only promises you fun but also a lot of exciting things which will keep you and your folks all entertained.  It has food, drinks, fun, colors and so much more; this is definitely a hit hit.


Rangrasiya has always been an excellent Holi festival for years now. They are known for crafting one of the best Holi parties in this area. The organizers are extremely dedicated towards thus festival and they put is as an underground movement that brings together like-minded artists, musicians, and people for an annual gathering in New Delhi. It is an event that has multiple stages, herbal colors for celebrating, and delicious food that makes your experience one of a kind. Be a part of the magnificent festival where 15+ artists will offer you an exciting time to unleash with your friends and family. This will be definitely be one of the best Party places in South Delhi.

Rang Leela

The best Holi party places in Delhi for lovers of the festival and dance music should definitely head the Rang Leela Festival. It is a 12 hour long BYOB party with endless music, dance, food and so much more. This party will surely win you over with their exciting arrangements. Rang Leela is an amazing festival and has been one of the most loved one amongst the young adults.

There are so many parties that are happening all around the city so find your corner and settle for the best. If you want to host your own little party then you can also book one of the banquet halls in Delhi for lovely personalized arrangements. This could definitely be an excellent choice.

We @VenueMonk understand your desires and aspirations and we promise to deliver to you the best in our capacity. So have a most colorful Holi celebration with your loved ones and make some insane memories.

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