Must Haves for a Holi 2020 Blast

Holi is an overwhelming festival, the fun and the excitement the festival brings is worth the wait. The super fun festival is around the corner, and we can’t wait to get all dirty in the colours of love and happiness. Holi is celebrated extensively all around the country. To have a fun Holi celebration you can find a nice Holi party place and book your tickets for a fun party that is happening around you or you can organise your party with your close-knit people. 

Holi can only get exciting if you try to make it fun for you and to do so you must check out the listed crazy Holi elements you can add to your party to make it super fun and exciting. But the first and the most important step is to find the right venue where you can host a perfect party. The best and the most opted option is a banquet hall. 

Holi Essentials


The most important element of a Holi party is Bhaang. It is a highlight of every party, no Holi party is complete without Bhaang. After all, we all want to get a little boozy and dance our hearts out with our family and friends. 


We all must dress up in proper Holi clothes and white colour clothes is a must for Holi.  A white kurta, for men and a white suit for women, makes a perfect ethnic attire for Holi. The best part about wearing white clothes is the colour splashes that shines out loud on white clothes 


Organic colours are a must, they are made with organic food items, like Haldi and beetroot, which are good for skin and harmless to the body. These are a little expensive as compared to other colours but these are extremely nice and the best to play a safe holi. 


Water Balloons are the best for a pranky Holi, running and chasing your friends to hit them with balloons has been a highlight of all of our childhood. Water Balloons is a must for a perfect Holi party, the party will be incomplete without it.


A photo booth is all we want in the end to collect all the beautiful and colourful memories of Holi. A photo booth must have some cool Holi props to add the drama to the pictures. You can pick some water guns, some plastic shades, some wooden frames and cool banners with Holi messages. 

This Holi go all out and celebrate loudly after all ‘HOLI HAI’. You can also book one of the pubs and bars for a fun party. The list is endless and you must make your decision as per your guest list. Check out the best places to organise Holi parties in Delhi|Gurgaon|Bangalore|Noida|Ghaziabad by clicking on the right city.

We @VenueMonk understand your desires and want to serve you the best in the world around you. So, gear up and get your balloons and water guns for a fun holi. We wish you all a very Happy Holi and we pray that you have the safest Holi.

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