Play Tambola Online on WhatsApp with Your Friends & Family in Quarantine, here’s how! (20+ Variations)

Isn’t the quarantine the perfect time to come together with your loved ones and celebrate at home? It is indeed! Since we can’t have big fancy get-togethers doesn’t mean we can’t chill with our folks. How does a game night with everyone sounds like?

We can all use some fun to pass our time. We at VenueMonk on Sunday, May 3rd had organized a Tambola event where everyone could get connected through a Whatsapp group to play the game. It was an absolutely amazing game with a great response from the audience. It is a very simple game in which you can play with your family and friends at any point.

What is Tambola (aka Housie) and how does one play it?

Tambola is an Indian version of Bingo. You can have multiple players in this game. Each player must buy at least one ticket to enter a game. Tambola is played with Numbers (1-90) being called out one at a time and players striking out those Numbers on their Tickets. You can make a WhatsApp group and add all the players. You can play this game with different variations/patterns. For each variation, you can keep a separate cash prize. Listed below are some of the exciting variations that you incorporate in your game.

Basic Variations/Patterns:

  • Early FIVE/ SEVEN: First Five or Seven numbers that you strike on your ticket.
  • Corners: First and last number of top and bottom line in your ticket.
  • Breakfast- Strike numbers between 1-29 for breakfast.
  •  Lunch- Strike numbers between 30- 59 for Lunch.
  • Dinner- Strike numbers between 60- 90 for Dinner.
  • Lines: Strike all the numbers from the respective lines, i.e. top, middle, and bottom line. The top line being the 1st line, the middle line being the 2nd and the bottom line being the 3rd.
  • Full House: Strike all numbers on your ticket.
  • Devrani and Jethani – Strike numbers between 1-45 for Devrani & Strike numbers between 46-90 for Jethani.
  • Bamboo: Strike the third number of each line for Bamboo.
  • BP- Strike the smallest and largest number on your ticket.
  • Ladoo – Strike the third number of the middle line for Ladoo.
  • Anda: Strike all numbers which have zero in your ticket.
  • Danda – Strike all numbers which have one in your ticket.
  • Angel and Devil – Strike all even numbers for Angel and all odd numbers for Devil in your ticket.
  • Pyramid – Strike middle number from the top line. Second and fourth numbers from the middle line. And lastly; first, the third and fifth number from bottom line for Pyramid.
  • +1 and -1 – Strike number after adding 1 to the number called by the host for +1 and strike number after deducting 1 to the number called by the host for -1.

Rules for the game that everyone should follow for the smooth functioning of the game:

  1. Ask the players to not spam on the WhatsApp group for uninterrupted fun.
  2. To claim any prize, please type STOP and mention the claim. Send the photo of the ticket along with the ticket number.
  3. As there will be many players claiming the prize for each variation. Divide the Prize amount equally among the first three players claiming the variation. (This is in case of multiple players claiming the same variation)
  4. The player should claim the prize before the next number is called, if he/she hesitates and the next number is called, the claim will be considered a bogey.
  5. The decision of the Organiser should be considered final.

Instructions to Organise the game:

  • You can generate random numbers for the game using the tambola board here. (“Next Number” and “Reset Game” buttons are very close, be careful while you are generating the numbers. We would suggest you use a mobile app instead. Many tambola board apps are also available for free).

  • To generate tambola tickets for all the participants, visit here.

  • You must ask all the players to draw their ticket on a paper or print it out.
  • You should explain all the variations (or you can just share this blog with all your participants) and divide the prize money for each variation accordingly.

  • Call out the numbers using numbered emoticons on the Whatsapp group, so that it stands out and it’s easy to keep a track of them as shown below:

We at VenueMonk hope you have a great time organizing and playing a fun game of Tambola with your friends & family. This is a fantastic time to connect with your family and friends. On that note, stay safe and keep playing.

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