Your guide to postpone an Indian wedding during coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has gripped the whole world with fear and brought it to a standstill. As we struggle every day with the nuances imposed on us in terms of our lifestyle, habits etc. due to this pandemic, it is hard to ignore the fact that several industrial sectors have been badly hit due to the Covid19 pandemic. One such sector is the wedding industry. The Indian wedding market is estimated to be around $50 billion (as per KPMG report) and the market has slowed down drastically due to the outbreak of the virus. While some have decided to go ahead with the wedding by adhering to the government regulations (Check out our blog on “How to plan an Indian wedding during coronavirus pandemic” here in case you change your mind!), some have decided to postpone or cancel their wedding plans because they just don’t believe in the concept of saying “I do” by standing 6 feet apart. If you have pictured your wedding day and do not want to compromise on the way you want to get married then you can go for a postponement rather than cancellation of the wedding venues, arrangements etc. If you are among the couples who have decided to postpone your wedding but are unsure of what to do next then don’t worry we are here for you. Here are some ideas to help you out!

Talk to your vendors

“Talk about your wedding postponement to all your vendors, convince them to hold your bookings and while you are at it, try and strike a good bargain for rates as well!”    

Express your interest to vendors regarding postponement rather than cancellation. Give your event planner, photographer, venue manager, make-up artist, dress designer a call or a video call, whatever works well for you to convince them to hold the arrangements for another date! Since the date cannot be predicted now, you might want to keep your options open for a weekday wedding as well cause as soon as the wedding season opens again the weekend slots might get booked soon. If your venue manager can give you preference and secure your desired day for you even at a later date then there would be nothing like it, right? It all comes down to your negotiation skills with your vendors, so start calling!

Inform your guests of the postponement plan

“Start coming up with creative ways to design your change of date cards, read on for more suggestions!    

If you have sent out your amazing, well thought out and designed wedding cards to your guests already then you need to inform them about that you have decided to postpone your wedding plans for now. You can use really creative ways to get this message across. These examples should help you get those creative juices flowing.

  • Have you seen the video created by famous actors all over India to convey the message of “Stay home, stay safe”? It was created in public interest by actors from the comfort of their own homes but gives a feeling that they were all together. Collaborate with your partner and family to create a video that is interesting to watch and has a nice theme. It could convey some interesting message like “ though the love we have for each other will never change we sure hope that the present scenario does change. We have decided to prioritise all our safety and change the date to a time we can celebrate the wedding like we had dreamt of it.”  This would not only put across your message to the guests but will also be unique and special to you as well!
  • Design a poster with a pic of you and your partner that says “Change of date” in a creative way. For example, if you had previously made a “save the date” announcement then you could strike-through the date to mention the new date/ month that you are tentatively planning.
  • You could also write the change of date message on a mask or surround the message card with masks, gloves or sanitizer like in the pic below and email it across to your guests or post it on the Facebook invite page that you had created.
  • If you are a bride-to-be who’s already engaged then show off that beautiful engagement ring by holding it in your hand, taking a pic of it and writing the message in the circle or you could just write it on a piece of paper with your hand having the ring on it on one side of the paper (Remember to focus on the ring and the message in the pic! :))

Reconsider all your arrangements

“Yes, you heard us right, time to re-think all your arrangements keeping the pandemic rules in mind!    

Even if you have gone through all your arrangements, use this time to go through them all over again with a much finer comb. Also, life post lockdown may not be the same so take into account all the modifications that you might have to make to your wedding arrangements starting from the venue to the guest list to make sure you conform to the social distancing norms and other government rules. Also check out our section on “If you want to go ahead with the wedding” to get some ideas on how to go ahead with your wedding once you have decided on a final date.

Plan a pre-wedding photoshoot

“It is okay if you want to get married later, you can still prep yourself for the journey ahead with a nice pre-wedding shoot!    

If you had decided on an exotic location to have your pre-wedding photoshoot then you should start reconsidering it as well. Don’t get anxious if your plans have been cancelled or if your exquisite pre-wedding photo shoot dress has not arrived! You could choose to have a simple but beautiful photoshoot at home that would depict how your life post-wedding would look like. Check out the images below for some inspiration. Use this time to think of all the details of a pre-wedding shoot from your clothes to the location and come up with ideas of themes that depict both of you as a couple. For example, if you are a nerdy couple come with a theme with books around along with a comfortable look curated for a trip to a library or a café. No matter what theme you pick, the essence is to be comfortable cause that would really show your joy and excitement of getting married. And the pics would capture just that!

Even though you have decided to post pone your wedding do not ignore the fact that social distancing and other norms are here to stay for a while.

We @venuemonk are committed to making your celebrations memorable and safe. Feel free to share your ideas and comments with us in the comment section below!

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